Miami Petting Zoo

We Bring our Farm Animals To Your
Birthday Party or Event!

Get ready to romp around with the friendliest animals in town. Enjoy the unique close-up experience of petting, feeding and playing with our farm animals in our exotic mobile petting zoo.


We have everything from rabbits, goats, ducks, chickens, and pigs plus a kid-friendly environment like no other. Our animals love all the attention they can get from your children, and the petting zoo rental stays with you as long as you wish. Don’t forget to bring your camera for a few memory-worthy selfies!


Animal Encounters

We offer the opportunity for your kids to get in touch with nature through these cute creatures!


Miami Petting Zoo will allow your children to enjoy a rewarding educational opportunity, interact with all the furry friends, and even have a chance to feed them. Our family-friendly mobile petting zoo will come to your location. No matter what’s your educational event, seasonal activity, or the place where is taking place, your visitors will be safe and entertained with the exotic animals in our petting zoo rental.

Rental Packages


Below is a breakdown of our petting zoo rental packages along with the prices we offer. All packages have a one-hour minimum. After the first hour, a significant discount is applied. Since time flies when you are having fun, most of our clients prefer the 2-hour packages.

Our rates will take into account, among other things, the rental time, the location of the event and how many farm animals, including ponies, you are renting. Every package consists of farm animals such as rabbits, goats, ducks, chickens, and pigs. The larger zoo will include both the petting zoo plus the ponies.

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Pony Rentals

We also have adorable ponies that will make you and your child have the most pleasant experience!

We bring the ponies to your home or any other place you desire, and one of our horse trainers will supervise them. They will be groomed and ready for your event. All of this at very affordable prices!

We have a wide selection of ponies available for your event, which your little guests can ride, pet, and feed. Our ponies are gentle and good-tempered; so all your attendees will have a safe and supervised experience when renting Miami Petting Zoo. We will arrive at your event location and set up everything for you. Let the good times ride!

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