Animal Encounters Miami

animal encounters miami

Animal encounters

Get up-close with South Florida wildlife, and learn more about the animal kingdom in amusing ways. You don’t have to travel far to experience the natural world. Right here, at Miami Equestrian Club we have it all! From goats, ducks, rabbits, pigs, chickens, and even ponies, you can celebrate every season and special occasion immersed in the countryside.

Experience unforgettable animal encounters Miami, and don’t forget to share these memories with your loved ones. Throughout our well-kept 17.5 acres, you can admire and capture images of South Florida’s unique flora and fauna and enjoy the most serene moments.

Hands-on farm animal encounters Miami

Animal encounters Miami allow your children to interact with our farm animals on our ranch. Children young and old love to feed them and give them their favorite treats. Our animals are always eager to meet all newcomers. If you are in South Florida, be sure not to miss our animal encounters Miami.

Also, if you are an equestrian lover, you will have a blast with our ponies and horses, learn about the history of our farm, and experience up-close interactions with other animals. Miami Equestrian Club is the perfect place to be surrounded by the farm’s wildlife, allow your kids to take a pony ride, and explore the countryside.

Meet our petting zoo animals

Experience the farm and meet the animals all in one trip! When you visit us at our farm, you can greet our fascinating animals and enjoy all that nature has to offer. Our corral features cuddle furry and feathery friends. Many locals, as well as vacationing families, feel at home and happy with our kid-friendly services. Whether through fun educational programs, festive occasions, or a simple family get-together, your kids will remember our exquisite trained ponies and petting zoo animals for many years to come.

Animal encounter experiences at the farm

The animal kingdom is far more expansive than the eyes can meet. There is still so much to learn and discover. We seek to share the amazing wonders of nature at Miami Equestrian Club through live animals, participation, and many smiles. If you are traveling through Miami in search of amazing animal encounters, we will offer you great options.

No matter where you are in South Florida, whether you are a local or visiting, you can come to us and allow your children to experience incredible animal encounters Miami where they can feed, pet, and interact with their favorite animals. For many years, Miami Equestrian Club has been amusing families with a variety of farm animals to visit ranging from ducks, goats, pigs, chickens, and ponies.

Animal feeding experience

Your kids will enjoy feeding our animals. Our large farm is open all week to accommodate your busy schedule. Miami Equestrian Club gives you and your family the friendliest animal feeding experience. You will find a petting zoo that allows you and your family to touch and feed our farm animals.

Several animals call our ranch home. How many times do you get the chance to feed an animal? Feeding them can be a great experience your kids will talk about for a long time. Most of our clients keep coming back with their families.

What to feed

Ponies particularly enjoy healthy treats such as apple slices, bananas, and carrots but other commercially made options that won’t spoil so fast, very convenient especially if you are on the road. Healthy foods close to their regular diet will help avoid the chances of digestive upsets. It is crucial you feed them small amounts.

What not to feed

There are some treats you should avoid. For example, cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli can cause severe gas. Tomatoes and potatoes are also not recommended. Unpitted stone fruits can cause shock, and fresh bread, pastries, and so on, can cause blockage in the digestive tract. Lawn clippings should be avoided since they may contain poisonous plants, and also cause choke.

Pony grooming experience

Miami Equestrian Club is a great place to spend time with our ponies. The pony grooming experience helps your children learn about horsemanship, and life on the farm, in a family-friendly atmosphere. Your children will learn to handle our ponies, the essentials of grooming and also safety. Our ponies love to be handled, and they will stand quietly. Other vital skills such as mounting and dismounting, steering, and gaining confidence in the saddle can be learned with bigger horses at our horse riding lessons.

The pony grooming experience can be beneficial for several reasons:

  • It helps create a bond with the pony.
  • It allows your kids to learn about the pony’s body.
  • It is a pleasurable experience for your children.

We provide some essential grooming equipment such as cleaning gloves and brushes. Warmer temperatures mean more shedding and almost daily grooming requirements, especially during our summer camp Miami when our ponies enjoy getting groomed more than any time of the year.

Meet our baby farm animals

You can enjoy meeting our baby farm animals and take home some adorable photographs. Animals need as much love and support as humans do. Companionship is essential to a happy life. Baby animals are gentle and willing to be loved and cared for. It is difficult to resist baby animals. Their innocent faces freely display so much hope and life. We work hard to protect our animals, and we want you to become part of the most incredible and best animal experiences. Our petting zoo in Miami gives families the chance to see a variety of animals your children may never meet otherwise.

Walk-in outdoor bird aviary project

Birds have a lot of room to spread their wings at Miami Equestrian Club. You are welcome to visit us and meet southern Florida’s birds in their natural habitat. In the winter we are often visited by western species including the Western Tanage, Lesser Nighthawk, Rufous Hummingbird, and Scissor-tailed Flycatche. We are open to visitors all year round. One of our future projects includes a large walk-in outdoor bird aviary. We want to surprise our visitors with the most colorful species.

Animal encounter parties

If you are looking to make your event stand out in one of the most popular attractions in Miami, don’t look any further than Miami Equestrian Club. We create the best animal encounters Miami.

Travelling petting zoo animals for parties and events

When planning your next event, whether a wedding, corporate event, or a school presentation, look beyond the usual choices out there. Our services and farm animal’s activities are customized for your event. We can set up an exotic petting zoo in Miami where your party guests get to interact with our traveling farm animals.

People can take turns as more people show up to the party. Just let us know what you want, and we will help you create a memorable celebration. When you rent a petting zoo for parties and events, you make your event stand out from the norm and chances are more people will attend.

Enjoy a fun or educational animal experience

Children can learn about our animal’s unique features and natural habitats through educational farm animal activities and school programs. You can have our petting zoo and ponies at your presentation area. Although we take our petting zoo in Miami to both smaller and larger educational events, smaller groups generally have a more enjoyable experience since the students have more chances to get closer to the animals.

Many of these programs touch on wildlife conservation efforts and volunteering in a fun and engaging way. You can find a volunteer opportunity in our farm petting zoo. Please fill out the form on our site and don’t miss out on this life-changing opportunity.

How does Miami Petting Zoo treat our petting zoo animals?

We understand the importance of each of our animals. Out here in the country at our Miami petting zoo, we know them well and treat them like family. It’s our responsibility to do so, and we take it seriously. When our animals are sick, we give them medicine. They are looked for by veterinarians and trained staff who know what they are doing. Zoo farm animals deserve to be treated humanely. That’s why we spend our day making sure they have everything they need and feel free from any stress.

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