Bird Aviary in Miami

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Free Flight Walk-in Bird Aviary

It is time to explore the beauty of fauna in all its grandeur. At our Bird aviary in Miami, locals, as well as visitors from out of town searching for aviaries in Florida, have a chance to watch our birds in their unique natural habitat, and the opportunity to get close to our South Florida feathery friends. From ducks, robins, ibis, parrots, lorikeets, owls, pelicans, ostriches, and much more, we offer a unique year-round experience where you can spot many bird species. Even during slow times for birding, at our bird aviary in Miami, you will have a breath-taking experience.

As you walk through our Bird aviary in Miami, you will breathe the purest air in South Florida and gaze at the native wildlife that we so often take for granted. Nature has an exclusive way to surprise us. You never know what you will find around here. Migratory birds, for example, enjoy nesting and raising their chicks at our farm. Join us and check out our bird exhibits and encounters, bird feeding, or walk in our large bird aviary in Miami, an experience like no other.

Bird exhibit and encounters at X Pet Zoo

You don’t have to go too far to have a bird encounter in Miami. At our Miami Petting Zoo you can see a variety of species up close and personal, come face to face with our petting zoo animals in open-air locales and become part of so many local educational and conservation programs. We allow all our visitors, notwithstanding their age or background, to admire the breathtaking natural world and explore South Florida wildlife all year round.

The most extraordinary feature at Miami Petting Zoo is the variety of encounters your children can experience. Children of all ages are welcomed to groom our ponies and feed farm animals such as goats, pigs, chickens, and ducks. Home to different bird species, our 17.5-acre farm boasts of many animal and bird exhibits. It’s the perfect place for family get-togethers under the sunny skies!

Bird-watching benefits to humans

South Florida is not a place with limited bird activity and greenery. We see birds everywhere yet we ignore how beneficial they can be. Research shows that people who see birds on a regular basis have lower levels of stress. Even common birds such as robins and crows can be therapeutic. It is more than a way to relax; birds have a unique way to connect us with nature and everything else.

Enjoy the Bird Feeding experience

At our farm, you can keep the whole family entertained. Miami Petting Zoo is a tropical haven that has been amusing its guests for many years with our feeding tour at our large aviary. Our mixed bird aviary was designed to attract visitors of all ages. Here you can enjoy the bird feeding experience and become part of other interactive animal demonstrations. You can hand-feed them or watch them flap, splash, and wonder in our ranch. Bird feeding is more than a souvenir you take home. It is a memory that your child won’t quickly forget.

Tips for lorikeet feeding

Lorikeets like to feed on the nectar of flowers with their extra-long tongue. They also enjoy berries, fruits, and greens on some occasions. It is essential they are supplied with the right diet to keep them healthy. Food and water are given in the morning and changed in the afternoon because it spoils quickly. Lorikeets also enjoy taking a good bath and splashing. That is why they generally have a separate bath container, so they don’t contaminate the drinking water when flapping their wings.

Lorikeet diet

  • Dry or wet mix.
  • Fresh fruit such as grapes, strawberries, pears, and cherries.
  • Vegetables such as celery, and lettuce.
  • Freshwater is a must.

Food not to feed

  • Avocado – It can kill lorikeets
  • Chocolate – Bird can’t digest chocolate
  • Caffeine – It is very unhealthy for birds

Visit our large walk-in bird aviary in Miami

We provide a permanent home for many species. Every bird at our walk-in aviary has a unique story, and we treat them like family. When you visit us, you become part of a bigger plan to conserve nature. At our Bird aviary in Miami, you get closer to the natural world and look after it in so many ways. Whether through enjoying our programs, financial contributions, or volunteering, thank you for making a difference for animals!

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