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Miami Petting Zoo has been bringing smiles to families in South Florida for several years now. Whether you want to celebrate a birthday party, corporate event, picnic, or any other special occasion, our Miami pony rentals will become the amusement of the party. We will bring them to your location so that all your invitees can have a memorable ride in one of our sweet little ponies.

Pony rental for birthday parties

Every year we watch a child’s dream come true as our pony rental for birthday parties and other special occasions, arrive at the event. Your children’s eyes will light up when they interact with our farm animals. We have a wide selection of rabbits, goats, ducks, chickens, pigs, and Miami pony rentals they can interact within a safe and kid-friendly setting. All our farm critters are very friendly and the perfect complement to any festivity.

Our animals are well groomed and healthy. Also, our staff is always ready to assist the children and keep a safe environment so that they can have the time of their lives.

Pony rental packages

Places our ponies can go

Our Miami pony rentals can come to any location as long as animals are permitted there by law. A pony party can take place at your place, a place you rent or ours, whichever is more convenient for you. We have taken our ponies to a wide variety of events, and we are well-known for the on-time delivery of our ponies.

Make sure you contact us, and one of our representatives will be more than glad to assist you. Whether you are throwing a simple birthday party or lavish corporate event, our pony party rentals always make the joys of bonding with nature more tangible. It is a fabulous way to celebrate any occasion and draw attention to your business or promotional event.

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Local pony rentals educational benefits

Miami Petting Zoo is a magical opportunity for your children to meet and bond with larger or smaller animals they have only seen in books. From pony rides to animal encounters with a furry or feathery friend, our local pony rentals and petting zoo are the perfect setting for your children to learn to identify different breeds and interact with them. Some educational benefits of our petting zoo and pony party rentals include:

  • Encourages speech-language development – Your toddler will start absorbing vocabulary words and learn to identify the differences between them. Exposing your little ones to different experiences expands their comprehension skills, and they learn to appreciate more the world around them.

  • Promotes sensory learning - The texture of animal fur, wet grass, soft feathers, just to name a few, are some of the contrasting experiences your children will have as they roam, and touch things around the petting zoo. Their minds will process all this information, and they will learn to describe it as well as learn new words related to textures.

  • Increases their appreciation of nature – Unfortunately, many children these days don’t know where things come from. At Miami Petting Zoo they can see firsthand where their food comes from. Based on their age and emotional maturity, you can introduce them to different concepts.

  • Promotes healthy living and boost motor skills - Being active is not only fun but also a way for your children to live healthy lives. Your children will also improve their motor skills as they move their hands, and tiny feet and learn to climb on a pony.

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