Petting zoo for parties in Miami

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Petting zoo for parties in Miami

Miami Petting Zoo provides excellent services for your special event in South Florida. Our welcoming staff will make sure all your needs are met from the moment you walk in. If you are searching for a petting zoo for parties in your area such as corporate events, fundraising events, birthdays, baby showers, Christmas nativity scene, holiday theme party, photo shoots, or a petting zoo wedding, renting our petting zoo for parties can make every occasion unforgettable.

Petting zoo for birthday parties and events

Miami Petting Zoo has the most adorable and cleanest animals in town. Our petting zoo for birthday parties will easily fit your budget and needs. Conveniently located in rural Miami, you can explore the best nature has to offer. We can also travel if needed. We will bring farm animals such as goats, chickens, ducks, rabbits, and pigs, based on availability, enclosed in a fenced pen. Our mobile petting zoo is ideal for family gatherings, birthday parties, and any other special event.

Throw the best petting zoo themed birthday party

Our various trained animals are friendly and perfect for your child’s petting zoo themed birthday party. They reside in our in our private 17.5-acre ranch with plenty of pasture and care. As your children learn to connect one-on-one with our animals through activities such as feeding, cuddling, and riding, they will develop a sense of understanding and connection with their world.

Imagine how your children will feel when our traveling petting zoo parks in front of their home. All your invitees will be impressed and glad that you have chosen a local petting zoo for your event. A petting zoo party at home will keep your children mesmerized for a long time. Some people like to rent animals for adult parties as well, including weddings, sweet sixteen, baby showers, and even senior living groups. Besides traveling to your location, our ranch is also opened all year round.

Your gift to your children and a unique experience for them

All events at Miami Petting Zoo are fun and educational. We provide the most interactive learning experience that can last a lifetime through holding, petting, and learning about different animal breeds, handling, care, and their unique characteristics. When planning your next event, look beyond the traditional options to the incredible animals at our local petting zoo. Your kids will have the opportunity of meeting different species face to face, interact and learn fun facts about them. That’s a great field trip idea for your little ones to be introduced to the animal kingdom.

Petting zoo wedding

Adults love animals as much as children do. If you are looking for an exceptional location for your wedding, Miami Petting Zoo is the perfect place. Our ranch can be transformed into a magical setting that whisks you away from the busy city life and allows you to experience a taste of Miami rural life. Your guests will talk about your wedding for years to come.

Petting zoo photo shoots

You can take high-quality portraits of our mobile petting farm. Every child has a dream of taking a photo with a pony, and other farm animals. Miami Petting Zoo is the place to make that dream a reality. Your children will cherish these memories in their hearts and in digital or printed form. Our farm animals are well mannered and quite amusing. It won’t be that hard to come up with great photo ideas.

Our Packages

We take pride in providing the most skilled and caring services at an affordable price. We can offer a variety of animals, depending on your preferences and budget. Our packages include:

  • Mobile Pet Zoo Package – Ideal for birthday parties, child care centers, or any other petting zoo party. This package allows young children to pet our farm animals for only $250 an hour or $350 for two hours. Time flies when your children are enjoying themselves so make sure you request plenty of time for your little ones to experience the adventure.
  • Two Pony Package - A great way to introduce your kids to the world of ponies in a fun and family-friendly environment. Now your children can interact with our ponies for only $350 an hour or $450 for two hours.
  • Mobile Petting Zoo & Ponies Package -This package provides a fulfilling experience with a variety of our friendly farm animals. You can combine our mobile petting zoo and ponies to make the most of your time. Prices start at $350 for 1 hour and $450 for two hours.

Let us know about the location and type of event, and we will suggest the best package according to your needs and our expertise.

Contact us for renting our mobile petting zoo for parties in Miami

Miami Petting Zoo is home to the most enchanting petting zoo attraction in South Florida with many domesticated farm animals to keep you and your family amused. Whether you are young or young at heart, there is always a soft spot for animals. Stop by and see for yourself what we are all about. Our pony rides and petting zoo will awake feelings of happiness for your children. It is very therapeutic and recommended for every age. As you observe our farm animals wander freely in our petting yard, you will also feel a sense of freedom and joy. To learn more about our traveling petting zoo, give us a call today.

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