Petting Zoo Rental Miami

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Petting zoo rental Miami

You have come to the right place if you are looking for an exotic petting zoo rental Miami. Miami Equestrian Club is conveniently located in an area known as Horse Country, a sanctuary for horses with an agricultural community known for their love and respect for animals. With a rich history in the animal business, we provide excellent traveling petting zoo services for all locals and out-of-towners who wish to experience rural South Florida.

We can load the fun and come to you any time weather permits. Learn more about our petting zoo rental Miami, pony rides, private events at the farm, and invite all your friends to visit us for an authentic farm experience.

Mobile petting zoo: We bring our farm animals to you

Petting zoo parties are the answer for any small or large celebration. Our petting zoo rental Miami allows us to come to your location and set up a farm with animals such as rabbits, goats, ducks, chickens, and pigs. We can also bring ponies, but they are not included in our mobile petting zoo.

We have hosted many parties where children prefer to stay outdoors bonding with the animals rather than indoors watching television or playing games. There is something contagious in the joy children experience petting zoo animals. Try our petting zoo rental Miami, and you won’t regret it!

Petting zoo for parties and private events at the Farm

Our petting zoo rental Miami provides quality experiences for your kids, family, and the community. We believe that one-on-one contact with farm animals, including feeding and grooming them, help children feel more connected with the world around them.

Our dedicated team of employees will make sure you and your family feel at home. You will be surrounded by our farm greenery and enjoy nature at its best. This is an extraordinary opportunity for your children to bond with our farm animals and nature at the same time.

Unlike other petting zoos for parties, our animals live in our 17.5-acre farm. They have open pastures and get plenty of fun and exercise. A big barn is also available for colder nights and shade during those hot Miami summers.

Petting zoo rental for a birthday party or educational events

Miami Equestrian Club introduces children and adults to the fascinating world of animals. Suitable for birthday parties, festivals, fairs, and hands-on instruction, our petting zoo party rental can become part of your festivity or educational event. Petting zoo animals encourage engaged learning and unforgettable experiences for all your attendees. Learning can be fun when having an up-close encounter with our farm animals. Our animals are hand-raised and specially selected for these events.

Enjoy our pony rides and petting zoo attractions in one location

Pony rides and a petting zoo for parties allow your child’s imagination soar. They are very excited when they feel the saddle on a pony’s back, pet our animals gently, and feel the smells of the country right at your event location. Few things delight your children more than a ride on a real pony.

We offer ponies led by an attendant in a safe and kid-friendly environment, an excellent souvenir opportunity surrounded by nature. Our animals are friendly and docile. They are well groomed and healthy. Our trained staff will assist the children and help them have a great time.

Our Petting zoo rental Miami packages

Miami Equestrian Club offers a variety of packages for celebrating every special occasion for both indoors and outdoor events. Our animals bring life to any event. Petting zoo rental packages start at $250 for one hour and $350 for 2 hours. Pony rentals with two ponies are $250 for 1 hour and $350 for 2 hours. Pony and petting zoo rentals are pricier but worthwhile, $350 for one hour and $450 for 2 hours. Give us a call today and see your children’s eyes light up as they interact with our farm animals.

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